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Brief of Belling  

    Shanghai Belling Company was founded in September 1988 and boosted our country’s IC industry into a new stage. A new high-tech enterprise was founded at the east coast of China.
    Undertaking the revitalization of our country’s IT industry as its mission, Shanghai Belling has been dedicating herself for over a decade and has made significant achievements economically and socially. As result, a new development model featured with high-investment, high-profit and high-return has been achieved. On September 24th, 1998, Shanghai Belling became the first publicly listed company in the micro-electronic industry in China. It has been and will be continuously paying back to the society and its shareholders.
    New century- a new beginning; facing the furious competition of the IT industry worldwide, Shanghai Belling will build on it’s strength, be ready to take both full advantage and the challenge of the economic globalization. On July 20th, 2001, Shanghai Belling started the construction of an 8” production line for 0.25 micron integrated circuits, marking the milestone of it’s aggressive expansion for future competition in the global market.
    Having experienced twists and turns for over a decade, Shanghai Belling becomes ever-confident in it’s future.
    Belling is sure to face a brighter future!

    Contact Us: Shanghai Belling Co., Ltd.  810 yishan Rd Shanghai PRChina 200233
    Email Phone 86-21-64850700 Fax 86-21-64854424


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