Shanghai Belling Corp., Ltd. started as Shanghai Belling Microelectronic Mfg. Corp. Ltd. back in September 1988. Cofounded by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Instrumentation and Shanghai Bell, it was the first joint venture between a domestic entity and a foreign enterprise in the still nascent Chinese IC industry. During the early period of “reform and opening-up” of China, it served as a successful model of attracting foreign investment and importing advanced technologies.

In September 1998, Shanghai Belling was listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first ever Chinese semiconductor company to go public. Since then, a series of entities have taken a majority stake in the company: they are, Shanghai Hua Hong (Group) Co., Ltd in 1999, and China Electronics Corporation (CEC) in 2009. In 2015, Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd became the majority shareholder, but actual control of the company remains with CEC.

Located in Caohejing Hi-tech Park, and having operated a state-class R&D centre since 1999, Shanghai Belling engages in the design and applications development of various semiconductor components, and is a major domestic supplier of such products. The two primary areas that the company currently focuses on are: power chain (power management, power devices, motor drive) and signal chain (data converters, power metering chip, IoT front-ends, non-volatile memories, standard signal products). These products enable the company to serve a wide range of market segments such as automotive electronics, industrial control, PV, energy storage, energy efficiency monitoring, electrical equipment, optical communication, household appliances, short-distance vehicles, high-end and portable medical equipment, mobile camera modules, and assorted other consumer products. The company has established R&D and sales teams in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Xi’an. A strong FAE team offers excellent and timely support for customers and can greatly expedite product design-in.

Having set our eyes on entering the higher-end fields of industrial control and automotive electronics, we are pooling our resources and building on our strengths in power devices and analog circuit design to become the very platform under Huada Semiconductor to serve those businesses. Shanghai Belling will continuously strive to transform and upgrade itself, and is poised to become a first-class fabless player in analog IC and power devices in China. Together with our partners, we will build a better future for all of us, fulfilling our company charter of “better chip, better life”.