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Single phase, built-in oscillator, active power, RMS, and energy metering.

  • 2 way high precision ADC, current measurement range (4mA~30A) @1mohm
  • High frequency CF1 is used to indicate current / voltage RMS
  • High frequency CF is used to indicate power and energy measurement
  • Chip built-in 1.2V reference voltage source
  • The chip has a built-in oscillating circuit, and the clock is about 2MHz
  • Chip single working power 3.3V, low power 6mW (typical value)
  • SOP8 encapsulation

BL0937 is a wide range single-phase multi-function electric energy metering chip. It is suitable for single-phase socket table, single phase arrangement, intelligent electrical appliance control circuit and so on. It has high performance price ratio.

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